Ward Christmas Party 2011

We had our Ward Christmas Party which was amazing! The primary children played out the Nativity Scene. It was so cute the kids enjoyed dressing up and performing for their parents. Payton was a shepherd with his little ears poking out! After they showed The Nativity Story movie to the song Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant. It was so special, the spirit was so strong. Then the surprise of Santa. The children were so excited and lined right up to sit on his lap. Payton didn't know what to ask for so you can see him scratching his head and putting finger on his chin to help him apparently!! It was a great night and really helped us all to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas!

Cowboy Christmas!

We went over with some family friends and had a cowboy Christmas! The kids rode horses, had treats and hot chocolate, and then Santa came to surprise them! It was pretty fun!


Kindergarten Thanksgiving Party

Payton's kindergarten class had their Thanksgiving party. It was really cute they went around to 3 different stations. 1 station they played a BINGO game, another 1 they made a TURKEY, and the last 1 they read a story. After they had gone to all three stations  they had a Thanksgiving DINNER together as a class.

Colby's 24th Birthday

Colby's turned 24 this year! Happy Birthday Colby!

Payton THE Hunter

Payton got a BB gun for his birthday from his Dad. He is a pretty good shot as you can see by the downed Pepsi cans!

Happy 6TH Birthday PAYTON!!!

Payton turned 6 years old this year! I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He has been such a great little boy. He is definitely all boy he loves sports, outdoors, playing in the dirt, trucks, etc. He is so active and outgoing. He has the biggest heart and is so sweet. I am so proud of you Payton and love you so much!

Cougar Tails

Well we had a cougar right here in our little valley. It turns out is liked to eat goats!! After one of the neighbors goats went missing the hound dogs followed the trail and soon found the cougar. The guys got the cougar up in a tree and it was getting pretty nervous. So they called fish and game and were told to shoot it. It was a pretty eventful day here in the old valley!

Flag Football

Payton played flag football this year and loved it. He made his first touch down zigging and zagging in and out of the other players all the way down to the end zone. He loves it so much and says he is ready for tackle now!

Tour of Utah

The Tour of Utah had one of their stops up here in Ogden Valley. It was really cool we sat on the deck and watched them ride by. It was really awesome to see how fast they were going and how much control and strength they had to endure the long ride.


Ogden Pioneer Day's Rodeo

Ogden Pioneer's Day Rodeo: This year was Payton's first year that he could ride in the rodeo doing the Mutton Bustin'. He was pretty nervous because he has never done it before. He stayed on for a few seconds but not long enough to get a trophy. Now that he knows it is a competition he wants to go back next year and win! The rodeo was really fun and a great family tradition that goes back to when I was a little girl! I am happy that Payton already loves this tradition!

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