Payton's Birthday at Chucky Cheese

We spent the Saturday after Payton's birthday at Chucky Cheese. He loved it so much! He had so much fun playing all of the games and riding the rides with his cousin Emmi. He danced and sang with Chucky Cheese for his birthday. He got a cake and blew out 4 candles. He opened his presents and cashed in his tickets for prizes and treats. He had a great day thanks to Grams and Papa!

Payton's 4th Birthday!!

October 7, 2009: I can't believe it Payton just had his 4th birthday! We had such a fun day together. We first went and got his 4 year old check-up. Payton has always been small from day one and to this day he still is. He weighs 30lbs (7th%) and 38inchs (10th%)! After the doctor we went over to Snowcrest to say hello to Grams and the kids in the classroom sang "Happy Birthday" to Payton. He loved it and felt so special. Then Payton and I went to Toads and miniature golfed and played the arcade games. It was a fun filled packed day and then he got to have a birthday party with his dad that night! Happy Birthday Payton thanks for being such a great little boy! I Love You~!

1st Day of Pre-School

July 11, 2009: Payton had his first day of pre-school. He loves his class and the teachers. He comes home with lots of fun activities and stories!

Swimming Lessons

July 2009: Payton had his first set of swimming lessons. He got to do swimming lessons with his cousin Tess so that eased his fears a little bit. He did pretty good. He had a little bit of a hard time jumping off into the water to the teacher, but finally his fears subsided and he did it! He had a lot of fun and learned a lot. He was so proud of himself when he was done!

Powder Mountain Race

August 29, 2009: We went up to the Powder Mtn. BMX race to watch one of my friends brother's compete. Payton of course loved the motorcycles and decided that he wants a motorcycle and one that doesn't need batteries so that it doesn't run out!

Summer BBQ!

August 21, 2009: We had a bbq this summer with all of my friends from work and their families. We had lots of fun horse riding, riding in the bucket of the tractor, having yummy dutch oven dinner my mom made. I don't know who had more fun the kids or the adults!!!

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