Last American Cowboys!!!!

Papa and Payton "the Cowboys" with their horses, spurs, and hats! Payton wants to be just like Papa but I don't know if he is going to give up the basketball shirt and shorts!!

"Spares" Just My Size

Payton wants to be just like Papa! So Papa made some of his spurs a little smaller and fit them to Payton's boots. After that Payton just kept begging Papa to ride a horse! So here is Payton with his spurs which he calls "spares" riding one of the horses while she eats!

Jurassic Park!! . . . Ok Just Dinosaur Park

Payton and I went to the Dinosaur Park with our friends Mindy, Jarett, and Maelee. They had so much fun seeing all of the dinosaurs. Jarett was so cute and would repeat all of the names of the dinosaurs like he was Payton's tour guide! Maelee's favorite part was probably the Cheetos'!!! And Payton just had fun being out and about with friends and Mom! Fun Summer Day!

Payton's 1st Soccer Season

Payton started his first season of AYSO Soccer! He loves it and is really pretty good  . . . and even if he wasn't I would probably say that since you know he is mine!!!!! GO Team GO!!

Summer BBQ

Summer is coming to an end and we had the 2nd Annual Rhees Ranch BBQ!!!!

Brady and Jena Stoker

Our friends Brady and Jena got married today. It was a very beautiful wedding they both looked amazing! My brother Colby was the best man and did a great job . . . well he had a little trouble getting the rings off the pillow but came through in the end! Payton loved the wedding! He had a crush on Jena and would just follow her around and take pictures of her on HIS camera! He even got a hug and kiss from her . . . watch out Brady here comes Payton!!!

GiRlS jUsT waNt To HAvE fUn!!

Me and some of my friends from work decided that we need to just have some good old girl time!!! So we went laughed, danced, ate, and just had some fun together!


built FORD tough!

Payton wanted to pull the horse trailer with his truck! He is such a little cowboy workin' on the farm with his truck, hat, and horses!

Rhees Family BBQ

Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo

We went to the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo on the 24th of July! The best part for Payton was definitely the motor cross guys, he was so excited and happy that every muscle in his body would tense up every time they jumped! Also the cotton candy was the best treat for Payton and PAPA!!


Farmer's Daughter & Tater

My Dad had me mow the field with the tractor! I made sure that it looked perfect not a blade of grass out of place. If I do say so myself it looks pretty good! I could work at a golf course! Payton had fun too!

Payton and Daisy

Payton absolutely loves our little dog Daisy. They really are the best of friends. They do everything together as you can tell! According to Payton they are the same age as well. Doggies really are a little boys best friend! 


Farmer's Market

Payton and I went to the Farmer's Market on 25th Street in Ogden. It was fun walking around seeing all of the different booths. Payton's favorite part was the tractors of course! We got some lunch and just sat under a tree and enjoyed the warm weather and the fun surroundings!

The OCA Races

We went to the Races at OCA on July 10, 2010: It was my friend Chalene's sons first race on his bike. We all went out to support him. He did awesome and looked like a pro. Payton had a ton of fun running back and forth watching the bikers and cheering for Gage. His favorite thing was probably playing in the dirt with the play motorcyles though. Payton honestly came out of the races completely covered from head to toe in dirt . . . but he had fun so that is all that mattered!!!

Happy Birthday Dad

July 8, 2010 Dad turned 54. Happy Birthday Dad we love you!


Happy 4th of July

Liberty Days 2010: We spent the day in Liberty for their celebration. Payton got to drive his truck in the parade again which he loved then he did a few of the activities; chicken catch, sawdust find, and stick horse derby. He got to eat snow cones, suckers, and get his face painted. He then got to go and spend the afternoon and night with his Daddy. My friends Chalene and Ryan came up for breakfast and the fireworks. We had a blast dancing and watching the fireworks. The fireworks were AWESOME! Happy 4Th of July!

Father's Day 2010

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing special Dad in the whole world! My Dad is definitely one of my best friends. I am so grateful that he is here for us to celebrate him as our Dad. We are so blessed and lucky to still have him in our life. Dad I love you so much Happy Father's Day!

teNis MAtcH

Payton loves to play tennis so he set up his net in the backyard and challenged me to a match!!! Yeah I am pretty good . . . LOL! Okay really Payton being 4yrs old won me!


We Will Miss You Grandpa

Grandpa Rhees passed away on June 1st at the Ogden Veteran's Home with his family surrounding him. We just had the opportunity to celebrate Grandpa's 88th birthday a week before he passed away. Grandpa was such an amazing man. He made sure that as grandchildren, we all knew we were very important to him. I have so many special memories with him. He and Grandma always made it to every special event in my life as well as just being apart of my everyday life. They had an amazing kind of love the kind that only happens in fairy tales. They were and will continue to be amazing examples to me. I am so happy that they are together for time and all eternity. I will miss them both and will love them forever!

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