Dad's Heart Attack

Well we have had a busy blessed 2010!! It all started on New Year's Eve. Dad had a busy New Year's Eve Day. He went to the Temple and had the most amazing experience he has ever had. He ran a few errands and then came home and fed his and the neighbor's animals. After that he had a very light dinner (salad) then he came in and started talking to me. Then all of a sudden he put his hand to his chest and sat down on my bed then all of a sudden he fell back on my bed. I at first thought that he was kidding but I couldn't get him to respond. I yelled for Mom and she came running down. She kind of slapped him around and I called 911. We got him down to my bedroom floor and I held 911 to my ear and started CPR. I did CPR for 8 minutes until the Paramedics got there . . . and yes that was the longest 8 minutes of my life! The Paramedics had to shock him to bring him back and then they called life flight. On his way to the helicopter a few men in our ward gave him a blessing and life flight got him down to McKay Dee Hospital in 4 minutes and we drove down as fast as we could. Our Bishop (Bishop Mike Rhodes) was there to meet Dad and he gave him another blessing with a hospital worker. They lost him again at the hospital and so they shocked him again. They did a double bi-pass that night and Dad was in ICU for 2 days then they moved him up to the Cardio floor for 5 days. Dad came home on Thursday January 7, 2010. Dad is doing so great and they are so impressed with his recovery they didn't expect it at all. They said the CPR kept the oxygen to his brain and that helped his brain function to be what it is today. We are so blessed and lucky and love him more than anything in this world. Heavenly Father and the prayers and love are what helped us through this. Thank you to everyone!

EnJoYiNg ThE sNoW!!!

Papa took the front end loader of his tractor and smoothed out the hill for Payton and then Papa would hold Payton on the sled and gently let him slide down. Payton had so much fun and got more brave each time!

After the sleigh riding Payton and Papa decided to have a little snow fight as you can see Payton lost!! But he had fun and was a good sport!!!!!

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Morning it was just Colby, Mom, Dad, and Me. Payton spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with his Dad. Even though Payton wasn't with me it was still a good Christmas Morning. Mom and Dad always seem to make it special!

Christmas Day we all went up to Logan after we got Payton to go up to Kent and Angie's (My sister and her husband!!) It was so fun to just be with family. Justin my nephew just loved to lay on the sled and spin in circles!

After we to home from Logan Payton and I did finally celebrate Christmas together. He got to open all of his presents from me and Santa. He had so much and was so grateful and appreciative. He would say that he loved each gift with so much enthusiasm and happiness!! When we were all done he put on his first roller skates and picked up his snow shovel and went to work!!!! It was a great Christmas and I have the greatest little boy in the whole world . . . well I have the greatest family in the whole world! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas Eve 2009

We had a great Christmas Eve at our house! Payton and Gram's made sugar cookies for Santa! Payton did a good job and of course enjoyed the frosting by the spoon full. Payton put cookies and hot chocolate out for Santa. After sugar cookie time we let him open a present, and to stick with our family tradition one of them was pajamas and then Papa had a surprise for him which was a play tool set. He is Papa's little helper so he was so excited to be a "worker guy" as he says with Papa!

jUsTin'S 1sT bIrtHdaY!!

It was my nephew Justin's 1st Birthday on December 19, 2009: He is at such a fun age and has such a fun personality! He is already all boy! He got lots of trucks and boy toys for his birthday! We thought for sure he would dive right into his cake but he just looked at it then he would dip his finger just barely in the frosting look at his finger and then lick his finger. He stayed nice and clean and just enjoyed his 1st birthday cake! (Yes I took a lick of his cake!!!!! If he wasn't going to then I figured I would!!!!) And as you can see by this last picture he partied like a rock star and was ready to hit the sack!


Winter Storm and Christmas Tree

We had a very eventful day today! We had a great big snow storm so Payton and Papa went out and plowed and snow blowed. Papa let Payton run the snowblower all by himself. Payton thought he was so big!!! After a hard working day we helped Grams put up their Christmas tree. Payton is quite the decorator and all of the ornaments he put on were at the bottom on the tree in one small section! But really that is what Christmas is . . . . children!! My mom made a new tree skirt for the tree this year. She did an amazing job and it looks awesome under our broken top leaning Christmas tree! Yes this may be the last year for this particular Christmas tree but it is ours and we love it!

Getting Ready for Santa

After we saw Santa at the General Store we came home and got ready for Santa! We came home and decorated the little trees in our room, then Payton wrote a letter to Santa, (well I wrote it he drew pictures and told me what he wanted!!) and then he put his letter in this little green mailbox for Santa to get! Payton was so excited and adorable!

Christmas at the General Store

Payton, Gram's and I went over to the General Store to see Santa. They delivered Santa Clause in a fire truck so of course Payton loved that! Payton loved it and he was so nervous that he forgot to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas! It was pretty cold but we had fun drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the excitement and anticipation of seeing Santa!

Thanksgiving 2009 at the Rhees'

We had a great Thanksgiving at the Rhees home! It was basically like a Sunday Dinner except a lot more food!!! But it was very nice to think of all of the things that I am grateful for. I am truly so grateful for my family and the wonderful blessings that they bring into my life. They make me a better person just by being around them. I thank my Lord and Savior for all of the many wonderful blessings that I have in my life. I thank Heavenly Father for my amazing perfect Payton! I love him more than anything and I hope that he will always know that! Thank you for my blessings!

Happy 31st Sis and 22nd Colby

Angie's little guy Justin does the cutest little nose scrunch so I had to throw in a picture!

Angie turned 31 on October 28, 2009: She got clothes and some awesome table runners for the holidays that my mom made. Colby turned 22 on November 8, 2009: He had a great birthday he received a few pictures to decorate his house with! As you can see Payton helped Colby with his cake! We love Angie and Colby so much and are so grateful that they are part of our lives! They both are such amazing special people and we are lucky to have them! Love you both and hope you have a great 31st and 22nd year!

Grandpa Lynn and Payton's Pony Ride

Payton's other Grandpa came over and gave Payton a ride on his little pony. Payton loved it so much! The pony was just his size. Payton love's Grandpa Lynn! And yes my little cowboy in his Bear's Jersey, cowboy hat, and yellow rubber boots! He loves his sports and being a cowboy so why not put them together?!!!

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