Happy 31st Sis and 22nd Colby

Angie's little guy Justin does the cutest little nose scrunch so I had to throw in a picture!

Angie turned 31 on October 28, 2009: She got clothes and some awesome table runners for the holidays that my mom made. Colby turned 22 on November 8, 2009: He had a great birthday he received a few pictures to decorate his house with! As you can see Payton helped Colby with his cake! We love Angie and Colby so much and are so grateful that they are part of our lives! They both are such amazing special people and we are lucky to have them! Love you both and hope you have a great 31st and 22nd year!

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Kira said...

Happy Birthday to both of them and what fun pictures! I can't believe Colby is 22 that makes me feel old!

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