Ogden Train Show

My Sister and her husband Kent took their daughter Emily and Payton to the Ogden Train Show. The kids had so much fun going inside the trains, taking a small train ride, and getting a few train trinkets. Kent loves trains so he had just as much fun as the kids if not more!

Winter Series Rodeo

We went to the Rodeo at Golden Spike cause we love rodeos!!! We sat so close that we felt like we were part of the rodeo, dirt flying on us, face to face with the horses, and Payton even got to go and chase a chicken. He didn't really run after the chicken he was just excited to be able to run around in the arena with the million other kids!

Jarett's 2nd Birthday Party

It was my friend's little boys Birthday Party. Jarett turned 2 and had a great birthday party. His cute mom Mindy made him the cutest "Little Tow" birthday cake and in the end Jarett was all blue! He was cute opening his presents in his diaper. His little sister also had fun watching him eat his cake and open presents. She enjoyed some cake herself! Payton had fun with the other kids just playing being boys!

King of The Snow Hill

Every Boy Needs To Be King of The Hill

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