Sledding 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Payton could not be happier to have Papa here to go sledding with. It has been one year since my Dad's heart attack and as you can see he is doing pretty well. Payton has the time of his life going on sled after sled after sled up and down the hill over and over again with Papa. They are best buddies!

Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

We went on a Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride! Colby is helping lead the rides up at Red Cliff Ranch. It was really fun to go on a sleigh ride. It was so calm, peaceful, quite, beautiful, and COLD up there! The kids had a blast riding on the sleigh. After the sleigh ride we went and had lunch at Red Cliff Cafe with a warm fire and hot chocolate! Thanks Papa for taking us and Thanks Colby for the ride!

End of Christmas 2010

Our Christmas Tree gets so dry because of our wood burning fireplace that we use to heat our house. It barely made it to Christmas so as soon a Christmas came we had to get it out of the house. We wanted to see how easy and fast it went up in flames. So we took it out back and lit one small branch on fire and within 4 minutes it was completely burnt with nothing left but a few branches at the bottom that were in the snow!

meRrY CHrIsTmaS!!

Happy Birthday Justin!

It was my nephew Justin's 2nd Birthday on December 19, 2010: He had a Spider Man birthday if you couldn't tell from the pictures! He was so cute and slowly opened each present and wouldn't continue to the next present until all of the wrapping paper was in the garbage bag from the previous present!


Payton's Pre-School Christmas Program

Payton had his Christmas Program for pre-school. He sang all of the songs and seemed to be having fun. He would get distracted when he looked for his Dad and I so that he could wave and smile! Santa Claus came on the last song and all of the kids were so excited. Payton sat on his lap and just told Santa "I just want a surprise Santa!!"

Payton's 5yr Old Pictures

My Cousin Stephanie took Payton's 5yr pictures. Payton was such a ham! He had a different pose, attitude, expression, etc. for every picture. He did whatever she asked him to do. If you can't tell Payton loves getting his picture taken.  Thanks so much Steph you did such an Awesome job!

Thanksgiving 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday Colby


Frightmares at Lagoon

I took Payton to Frightmares at Lagoon. This was his first time at Lagoon and he absolutely loved it. He wanted to ride every ride and begged to go on the big ones. Since he wasn't tall enough for them he decided that from this day forward he is growing out his hair into an "afro" so that he will be tall enough for the rides next year!

Happy 5TH Birthday Payton

For Payton's 5th Birthday on October 7, 2010 we went to Discovery Gateway. Payton and his friend Anden had so much fun playing together. They went through and tried all of the different activities. After we were done at Discovery Gateway we let them go and run through the Fountain . . . honestly that was probably their favorite part!!

Payton's 5th Birthday Family Celebration

Family Pictures September 2010


Gram's 54th Birthday September 19, 2010
We surprised Grams with Family Pictures for her birthday
We had a campfire and roasted hot dogs and marshmellows.
We lit sparklers and celebrated a very special Mom and Grams!

September 7, 2010 First Day of School

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