Ward Christmas Party 2011

We had our Ward Christmas Party which was amazing! The primary children played out the Nativity Scene. It was so cute the kids enjoyed dressing up and performing for their parents. Payton was a shepherd with his little ears poking out! After they showed The Nativity Story movie to the song Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant. It was so special, the spirit was so strong. Then the surprise of Santa. The children were so excited and lined right up to sit on his lap. Payton didn't know what to ask for so you can see him scratching his head and putting finger on his chin to help him apparently!! It was a great night and really helped us all to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas!

Cowboy Christmas!

We went over with some family friends and had a cowboy Christmas! The kids rode horses, had treats and hot chocolate, and then Santa came to surprise them! It was pretty fun!


Kindergarten Thanksgiving Party

Payton's kindergarten class had their Thanksgiving party. It was really cute they went around to 3 different stations. 1 station they played a BINGO game, another 1 they made a TURKEY, and the last 1 they read a story. After they had gone to all three stations  they had a Thanksgiving DINNER together as a class.

Colby's 24th Birthday

Colby's turned 24 this year! Happy Birthday Colby!

Payton THE Hunter

Payton got a BB gun for his birthday from his Dad. He is a pretty good shot as you can see by the downed Pepsi cans!

Happy 6TH Birthday PAYTON!!!

Payton turned 6 years old this year! I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He has been such a great little boy. He is definitely all boy he loves sports, outdoors, playing in the dirt, trucks, etc. He is so active and outgoing. He has the biggest heart and is so sweet. I am so proud of you Payton and love you so much!

Cougar Tails

Well we had a cougar right here in our little valley. It turns out is liked to eat goats!! After one of the neighbors goats went missing the hound dogs followed the trail and soon found the cougar. The guys got the cougar up in a tree and it was getting pretty nervous. So they called fish and game and were told to shoot it. It was a pretty eventful day here in the old valley!

Flag Football

Payton played flag football this year and loved it. He made his first touch down zigging and zagging in and out of the other players all the way down to the end zone. He loves it so much and says he is ready for tackle now!

Tour of Utah

The Tour of Utah had one of their stops up here in Ogden Valley. It was really cool we sat on the deck and watched them ride by. It was really awesome to see how fast they were going and how much control and strength they had to endure the long ride.


Ogden Pioneer Day's Rodeo

Ogden Pioneer's Day Rodeo: This year was Payton's first year that he could ride in the rodeo doing the Mutton Bustin'. He was pretty nervous because he has never done it before. He stayed on for a few seconds but not long enough to get a trophy. Now that he knows it is a competition he wants to go back next year and win! The rodeo was really fun and a great family tradition that goes back to when I was a little girl! I am happy that Payton already loves this tradition!


Pioneer Day

We had a very fun 24th of July! We made homemade pizza's on the grill, the kids jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler, Papa read them books, we had a camp fire and roasted marshmallow's, and then lit of fireworks. It was a great family fun filled day!

Happy Birthday PAPA!

I don't know who is more excited for his birthday . . . Papa or the Grandkids!

Happily Ever After . . .

Stake Girls Camp 2011: We had girls camp at the Heber Valley Stake Camp. It was so amazing and special. The girls got to do lots of activities that brought them closer to each other and our Savior Jesus Christ. There was some fun workshops, the rope ladder and zip line, the hike, skits, amazing speakers,  (Kris Belcher, President Taggart, and his wife Erin) and testimony meeting. We had such a great time and really came together as a ward and a stake.

Summer T-Ball

Payton had his 2 year of T-ball. Payton's team was the Cardinals even though he would have preferred to be the Angels. He had fun but said he is ready for "coach pitch." Gotta love havin' a little boy!

Summer Workin'

Payton Pre-School Graduation

Payton had his Pre-school graduation now he is ready for Kindergarten!

Happy Mother's Day 2011


Happy Mother's Day to the most special Mom in the entire world. I have the best Mom ever. My mom is such an amazing woman. She is my best friend. Someone that I can go to with anything that I can always count on. I am so grateful for everything that my Mom does for me and my family. Mom I love you so much and am so grateful that you are my Mom!


Easter 2011

Easter this year was really fun! We had a fun family dinner and fun Easter activities. We took some fun pictures of the grand kids together all dressed up in their Easter outfits. We usually do a Easter egg hunt but this year we ended up getting a fun cowboy boot pinata. The kids loved it. It was filled with lots of yummy treats. Here is quick review of our Easter! I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for the sacrifice He made for me so that I can be with Payton and my family for time and all eternity.

Payton Soccer Spring 2011

Ogden Temple

Mom and I went to the Ogden Temple before it closed like I am sure many of you did. We decided to do initiatorys. It was such a peaceful calming feeling. As I was there I just thought about how it has changed my families life for time and all eternity. My parents were married in the Ogden Temple in 1976. My brother and I were sealed to my parents in the Ogden Temple. The Ogden Temple is a very special place for our family. It just made my testimony stronger and confirmed that the temples are God's work and will help us to return home to live with Him someday!


Sledding 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Payton could not be happier to have Papa here to go sledding with. It has been one year since my Dad's heart attack and as you can see he is doing pretty well. Payton has the time of his life going on sled after sled after sled up and down the hill over and over again with Papa. They are best buddies!

Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

We went on a Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride! Colby is helping lead the rides up at Red Cliff Ranch. It was really fun to go on a sleigh ride. It was so calm, peaceful, quite, beautiful, and COLD up there! The kids had a blast riding on the sleigh. After the sleigh ride we went and had lunch at Red Cliff Cafe with a warm fire and hot chocolate! Thanks Papa for taking us and Thanks Colby for the ride!

End of Christmas 2010

Our Christmas Tree gets so dry because of our wood burning fireplace that we use to heat our house. It barely made it to Christmas so as soon a Christmas came we had to get it out of the house. We wanted to see how easy and fast it went up in flames. So we took it out back and lit one small branch on fire and within 4 minutes it was completely burnt with nothing left but a few branches at the bottom that were in the snow!

meRrY CHrIsTmaS!!

Happy Birthday Justin!

It was my nephew Justin's 2nd Birthday on December 19, 2010: He had a Spider Man birthday if you couldn't tell from the pictures! He was so cute and slowly opened each present and wouldn't continue to the next present until all of the wrapping paper was in the garbage bag from the previous present!


Payton's Pre-School Christmas Program

Payton had his Christmas Program for pre-school. He sang all of the songs and seemed to be having fun. He would get distracted when he looked for his Dad and I so that he could wave and smile! Santa Claus came on the last song and all of the kids were so excited. Payton sat on his lap and just told Santa "I just want a surprise Santa!!"

Payton's 5yr Old Pictures

My Cousin Stephanie took Payton's 5yr pictures. Payton was such a ham! He had a different pose, attitude, expression, etc. for every picture. He did whatever she asked him to do. If you can't tell Payton loves getting his picture taken.  Thanks so much Steph you did such an Awesome job!

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