Ogden Pioneer Day's Rodeo

Ogden Pioneer's Day Rodeo: This year was Payton's first year that he could ride in the rodeo doing the Mutton Bustin'. He was pretty nervous because he has never done it before. He stayed on for a few seconds but not long enough to get a trophy. Now that he knows it is a competition he wants to go back next year and win! The rodeo was really fun and a great family tradition that goes back to when I was a little girl! I am happy that Payton already loves this tradition!


BRITTANY said...

What a handsome little guy. That's awesome that he did the Mutton Bustin...I bet he will rock it next year!

Zac and Chelese said...

I love all your new pictures. Payton is so cute, he is getting so big. I love his rodeo outfit, he is such a stud!!

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