We Have A New Baby!

Here on the Rhees Ranch we have a brand new baby girl! My dad has been watching the mom day in and day out for days! So all of the waking up in the middle of the night for the past 2 weeks has paid off! My dad was right there when the baby was born! She was born Saturday morning at 3:25am! My dad was so excited he got me out of bed at 4:00am to come and look at the baby and get some pictures! So here are the pictures of our new bundle of joy!

little places!

Payton loves getting into little places and just hanging out! He will take the clothes out of the laundry basket, put his blanket, black puppy, drink, and a snack and just sit in there. Sometimes he will just sit there and sing songs or he will put his little dvd player in front of the laundry basket and watch a movie through the holes. Gotta love the little moments!


FuNnY fAcEs Of PaYtOn!

Payton has an expression for every kind of mood he is in if not 3 or 4 for each mood. This is him playing a racing game on Wii.


ThE wArM wEaThEr Is HeRe!!!

Payton and Emily were outside playing today! We did not realize how warm it was until tonight when we came inside and looked at Emily!! We are so used to Payton and his skin that we didn't even think of putting on sunscreen! She has been a good sport and let us rub Aloe Vera on her! Well now we know that the warm weather is here and its time to get prepared!!


Easter at the Rhees'

Justin enjoying his first Easter
The big Easter egg hunt
Happy 32nd birthday Kent
We had a great Easter at the Rhees'! Mom talked in Sacrament and gave an amazing talk on Atonement. After church we came home and started our Easter celebration. We first gave Payton, Emily, and Justin their Easter baskets. Payton ripped through his as fast as he could just commenting on the candy, Emily delicately took each thing out one by one, and Justin just hung out and watched. After Easter baskets we went outside and had an Easter egg hunt. Payton of course turned it into a competition, who could get more, Emily just got excited if you found one, and Uncle Colby walked around helping them find the eggs. Payton and Emily drove around in his truck and rather than go in and out of the cones he just ran them over! After we had a wonderful dinner (thanks Mom for the delicious dinner!) we colored Easter eggs. Papa and Angie helped the kids with the coloring. Emily just sat very contently and watched and my very independent Payton got his hands in wherever he could fit them! We had a Very Special Easter!!
Thank you to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the sacrafice he made for us so that we could return home and live with him again someday!


Easter Video

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Quarter of a Century!!!

Me and Payton on my 25th Birthday!

Payton helping me open my gifts!

After my birthday party Payton and Emily had to have a hug goodbye from eachother!

North Carolina TarHeels 2009 Champions!!!

April 6, 2009: North Carolina VS Michigan State 89-72 Final. Payton went with Daddy to JD and Ashley's house to watch the big game! He had a lot of fun supporting the Tarheels and celebrating the big win with his friends Deakin and Addy!




A Tarheel Through and Through Top to Bottom!!

Saw them play live at a ripe young age in
LasVegas November 2007 Findlay Toyota Tournament

Nintendo Wii Weekend

Beside's watching the 179th Annual General Conference we have been playing Nintendo Wii! Here is Emily and Payton playing while Kent supervises . . . not that he didn't play!!

This is Payton's character for Nintendo Wii. He named him Puppy Walk Super Hero. He also gave his character an afro with sunglasses. Payton loves afro's thanks to his dad! He cried when we cut his afro!!



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