little places!

Payton loves getting into little places and just hanging out! He will take the clothes out of the laundry basket, put his blanket, black puppy, drink, and a snack and just sit in there. Sometimes he will just sit there and sing songs or he will put his little dvd player in front of the laundry basket and watch a movie through the holes. Gotta love the little moments!

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Ryan and Loni said...

Cassie!!!! How are you? I have wondered so many times how you have been doing. We drive past your moms house a lot and I always think I wish we would have kept in touch. Anyway, if you ever get the chance my email is loni.allen@gmail.com let me know how you are doing and I will send you an invite to my blog if ya want. Anyway, take care... Payton is a doll!

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