Batman says "Happy Halloween!"

Payton was Batman for Halloween this year. . . not that you couldn't tell! Payton went trick or treating with his cousin's and Daddy. Payton had a lot of fun and got a lot of candy!

Halloween Town High

In honor of Halloween I thought I would post some pictures of the movie I was in on the Disney Channel called Halloween Town High. These are just pictures of what it took to become a cat and some of the cast memebers! It was a great time and an awesome experience!

Family Pictures - Minus Colby:(

Thanks Stephanie for the great pictures!

My Mom and Dad are so cute

They are the best of friends!

Colby was home sick! So he wasn't in any of our family pictures! Colby we love you and these are not the same without you!

Payton (3 1/2), Emily (3), Justin (5 months)


Payton's Birthday at Chucky Cheese

We spent the Saturday after Payton's birthday at Chucky Cheese. He loved it so much! He had so much fun playing all of the games and riding the rides with his cousin Emmi. He danced and sang with Chucky Cheese for his birthday. He got a cake and blew out 4 candles. He opened his presents and cashed in his tickets for prizes and treats. He had a great day thanks to Grams and Papa!

Payton's 4th Birthday!!

October 7, 2009: I can't believe it Payton just had his 4th birthday! We had such a fun day together. We first went and got his 4 year old check-up. Payton has always been small from day one and to this day he still is. He weighs 30lbs (7th%) and 38inchs (10th%)! After the doctor we went over to Snowcrest to say hello to Grams and the kids in the classroom sang "Happy Birthday" to Payton. He loved it and felt so special. Then Payton and I went to Toads and miniature golfed and played the arcade games. It was a fun filled packed day and then he got to have a birthday party with his dad that night! Happy Birthday Payton thanks for being such a great little boy! I Love You~!

1st Day of Pre-School

July 11, 2009: Payton had his first day of pre-school. He loves his class and the teachers. He comes home with lots of fun activities and stories!

Swimming Lessons

July 2009: Payton had his first set of swimming lessons. He got to do swimming lessons with his cousin Tess so that eased his fears a little bit. He did pretty good. He had a little bit of a hard time jumping off into the water to the teacher, but finally his fears subsided and he did it! He had a lot of fun and learned a lot. He was so proud of himself when he was done!

Powder Mountain Race

August 29, 2009: We went up to the Powder Mtn. BMX race to watch one of my friends brother's compete. Payton of course loved the motorcycles and decided that he wants a motorcycle and one that doesn't need batteries so that it doesn't run out!

Summer BBQ!

August 21, 2009: We had a bbq this summer with all of my friends from work and their families. We had lots of fun horse riding, riding in the bucket of the tractor, having yummy dutch oven dinner my mom made. I don't know who had more fun the kids or the adults!!!


New Horse

We got a new horse! My Dad's old horse decided to continually throw him off! And lets say the horse won the first 8 rounds leaving Dad very black and blue, sore, and swollen. So after Dad got the last ride in he traded him in for a new horse! We already love the new horse a lot. She is fun to ride and Payton and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather and riding!

July 4th and July 24th Fun!!!!

July 4th: We had a very fun eventful 4th of July! We started a day early doing sparklers and getting ready for the 4th. On the 4th of July Payton got to drive his truck in the Liberty Days parade. He did so good just following the firetruck. In between starting and stopping during the parade he would put his arms up on is steering wheel and relax until they started up again! Payton did a few of the events up at Liberty Days. He chased a chicken, which he did not want to catch he just wanted to chase it. His picture was also in the Valley Newspaper chasing the chicken . . . so cute!!! He did the sawdust find where he searched through sawdust to find treats and prizes. We of course had to get a tattoo because he loves them and of course it had to be some type of sport! We had fun enjoying the day with family and friends!

We went to the Pioneer Day's Rodeo in Ogden! We had so much fun watching all of the events and entertainment. But out of everything Payton's favorite part was watching the motorcycles jump and do tricks. He now thinks that he is going to get a motorcycle and do tricks just like them . . . but if I have any say I am going to keep him safe and sound on the ground on feet!!!!



You have got to love summer for the ice cream and sprinklers! Payton's loves chocolate so no matter what it is if it has chocolate he will eat it! Payton enjoyed a yummy chocolatey ice cream treat and of course got messy! Well my clean little guy hates to be messy so of course we had to strip off all his clothes and rinse him off! Now that the clothes are off we better play in the water. Payton has to work his way up to running through the sprinklers. We started out slow with just putting our hands in the water, then we moved to getting a little more wet by making a water slide, and finally we got the courage to run through the sprinklers . . . and as you can tell by his hands it took a lot of courage!

Baseball Fun: Of course having a boy we have to dedicate time to sports! Payton is pretty good and loves to hit the ball and run the bases . . . but don't try and get him out he is not really a good sport! And of course we have to practice our outfield skills of catching and getting someone out! Luckily, we have had a few good days without rain to train for the Majors!

Father's Day: My Dad is the Best! We have so much fun together! I am so lucky to have my Dad as a Dad! This year for Father's Day we gave my Dad an Ipod! At first he wasn't quite sure what to do with it and if he would be able to work it! But he spent the remainder of the afternoon and night figuring it out and now that he has it figured out he is always listening to it!

ShErMaN tHe WoRmAn: Payton found a worm in the garage after one of our many summer storms. I told him that the worm needed to be in the water. Payton didn't want to touch it so he put on a glove and carried it to a puddle. Payton said that the worm loves him so much and that they are best friends. Payton also said that the worm had to go into the ground where he lives but he will come back and visit!


Working On The Ranch!!!!

Payton spent the entire weekend helping Papa out on the farm. Payton loves to get his work gloves and red rubber boots on and "work" with Papa. Payton will mimic everything he does all the way down to the way he sits! Payton doesn't care what it is he is right there to help even with the horses and cows walking right around him, he has no fear! Payton will be right on Papa's heels with every move he makes. But of course Payton's favorite part is when he gets to ride the tractor with Papa. As soon as he hears the tractor start he stops whatever he is doing and is right there at Papa's side making sure that he doesn't miss the ride! Payton doesn't like to quit working until the sun goes down and even then it questionable . . . Payton is a great "farm hand!!"

JeNeal Martinez Photography

Payton's Aunt JeNeal is starting her photography business. So we were lucky enough to have her do a few practice shots of Payton and as you can see she doesn't need much practice Thanks JeNeal!

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day Payton gave me the cutest Precious Moment that says "The Heart of A Mother Is Reflected In Her Child." I couldn't ask for a better little boy. He is so special to me and makes everyday better! I am so grateful and lucky to be his Mom.


We Have A New Baby!

Here on the Rhees Ranch we have a brand new baby girl! My dad has been watching the mom day in and day out for days! So all of the waking up in the middle of the night for the past 2 weeks has paid off! My dad was right there when the baby was born! She was born Saturday morning at 3:25am! My dad was so excited he got me out of bed at 4:00am to come and look at the baby and get some pictures! So here are the pictures of our new bundle of joy!

little places!

Payton loves getting into little places and just hanging out! He will take the clothes out of the laundry basket, put his blanket, black puppy, drink, and a snack and just sit in there. Sometimes he will just sit there and sing songs or he will put his little dvd player in front of the laundry basket and watch a movie through the holes. Gotta love the little moments!


FuNnY fAcEs Of PaYtOn!

Payton has an expression for every kind of mood he is in if not 3 or 4 for each mood. This is him playing a racing game on Wii.

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