Working On The Ranch!!!!

Payton spent the entire weekend helping Papa out on the farm. Payton loves to get his work gloves and red rubber boots on and "work" with Papa. Payton will mimic everything he does all the way down to the way he sits! Payton doesn't care what it is he is right there to help even with the horses and cows walking right around him, he has no fear! Payton will be right on Papa's heels with every move he makes. But of course Payton's favorite part is when he gets to ride the tractor with Papa. As soon as he hears the tractor start he stops whatever he is doing and is right there at Papa's side making sure that he doesn't miss the ride! Payton doesn't like to quit working until the sun goes down and even then it questionable . . . Payton is a great "farm hand!!"

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Kira said...

Oh that is so cute:) Good thing he has such a nice Grandpa:) That lets him help out so much:)

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