You have got to love summer for the ice cream and sprinklers! Payton's loves chocolate so no matter what it is if it has chocolate he will eat it! Payton enjoyed a yummy chocolatey ice cream treat and of course got messy! Well my clean little guy hates to be messy so of course we had to strip off all his clothes and rinse him off! Now that the clothes are off we better play in the water. Payton has to work his way up to running through the sprinklers. We started out slow with just putting our hands in the water, then we moved to getting a little more wet by making a water slide, and finally we got the courage to run through the sprinklers . . . and as you can tell by his hands it took a lot of courage!

Baseball Fun: Of course having a boy we have to dedicate time to sports! Payton is pretty good and loves to hit the ball and run the bases . . . but don't try and get him out he is not really a good sport! And of course we have to practice our outfield skills of catching and getting someone out! Luckily, we have had a few good days without rain to train for the Majors!

Father's Day: My Dad is the Best! We have so much fun together! I am so lucky to have my Dad as a Dad! This year for Father's Day we gave my Dad an Ipod! At first he wasn't quite sure what to do with it and if he would be able to work it! But he spent the remainder of the afternoon and night figuring it out and now that he has it figured out he is always listening to it!

ShErMaN tHe WoRmAn: Payton found a worm in the garage after one of our many summer storms. I told him that the worm needed to be in the water. Payton didn't want to touch it so he put on a glove and carried it to a puddle. Payton said that the worm loves him so much and that they are best friends. Payton also said that the worm had to go into the ground where he lives but he will come back and visit!


Ryan and Loni said...

He is such a cutie... I love his curls. Looks so fun!

Diane said...

Wow, great blog! Glad I found it. Maybe your dad good help us with the ipod in the kitchen drawer???????

Kira said...

missed you at the park Friday, wish you had been able to come. Maybe next time?

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