July 4th and July 24th Fun!!!!

July 4th: We had a very fun eventful 4th of July! We started a day early doing sparklers and getting ready for the 4th. On the 4th of July Payton got to drive his truck in the Liberty Days parade. He did so good just following the firetruck. In between starting and stopping during the parade he would put his arms up on is steering wheel and relax until they started up again! Payton did a few of the events up at Liberty Days. He chased a chicken, which he did not want to catch he just wanted to chase it. His picture was also in the Valley Newspaper chasing the chicken . . . so cute!!! He did the sawdust find where he searched through sawdust to find treats and prizes. We of course had to get a tattoo because he loves them and of course it had to be some type of sport! We had fun enjoying the day with family and friends!

We went to the Pioneer Day's Rodeo in Ogden! We had so much fun watching all of the events and entertainment. But out of everything Payton's favorite part was watching the motorcycles jump and do tricks. He now thinks that he is going to get a motorcycle and do tricks just like them . . . but if I have any say I am going to keep him safe and sound on the ground on feet!!!!


Kira said...

cute looks like you guys had a great day

Diane said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. As for flying through the air on a motorcycle - We have a couple of courses for him to learn on out here when he gets older. Come on out and visit we'd love to see both of you.

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