Hard Workin Men!

April 17 2010: Dad and Payton went up to help Colby with his yard. Payton loves being one of the boys working hard in the yard!

HaPpY 26th tO CaSsIe Jo:)

Well I am officially closer to 30 then 20!!! I just turned 26 on April 6, 2010! I had a great birthday even though I am getting up there in the years! It was a busy weekend because it was General Conference, Easter, and my birthday! Saturday my Mom and Dad took me to lunch and shopping and on Sunday my Sister and her family and my Brother came over. We did the Easter thing and then we had cheese cake for my birthday cake (blew out 26 candles!!!) and opened presents! Thanks so much to my family for making my birthday so special and great! Love you all!

Easter 2010

HaPpY eAsTeR 2010: For Easter we had an Easter Egg Hunt in the snow, decorated eggs, and Payton found his Easter basket that the Easter Bunny hid!

Easter Cleats

Payton got Baseball Cleats from his Dad for Easter and as you can see he hasn't taken them off since he got them. He has played, eaten, worked, and slept in them!! Thanks Phil

The Funny Little Sleeper!!!

Payton Shoveling Snow

March 31, 2010: Of course as you know it was Spring for like 5 minutes and then it decided to snow! I didn't realize how much it had snowed so I asked Payton to go and shovel me a path to the wood so that I could get wood to build a fire! I really didn't think I needed a path I was just trying to give him something to do because he is constantly asking what he can do and how he can help. The next thing I knew he had shoveled quite a bit of snow all the way around the house! He thought it was so fun to use his shovel and help Mom out!! Good little guy! Happy Spring!!!

March 27, 2010 Tree Trimming

Payton helped Papa trim the trees for the spring. Payton had to watch at first to see how to do it and then he climbed right up there on the ladder with his own clippers and trimmed away!


Payton loves to be just like Papa in his gloves, boots, and cowboy hat~! "Partners!!!"

Emily's 4th Birthday!

HaPpY 4th BiRtHdAy EmIlY!!! It was my niece's 4th Birthday March 22, 2010. As you can see she loves being a girl with all of her princess stuff. She is the cutest little girl ever! She has such a cute smile and the funnest personality! I love her so much! Her and Payton are the best of buddies as well!

March 13, 2010: Papa and Payton

wOrK hArD, pLaY hArD, nAp HaRd!!!

Colby's Snowmobile

March 12, 2010: Colby got a new Snowmobile so he took Payton on a ride. Payton loved it and told me that if I wanted I could get him one!!!

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