Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Morning it was just Colby, Mom, Dad, and Me. Payton spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with his Dad. Even though Payton wasn't with me it was still a good Christmas Morning. Mom and Dad always seem to make it special!

Christmas Day we all went up to Logan after we got Payton to go up to Kent and Angie's (My sister and her husband!!) It was so fun to just be with family. Justin my nephew just loved to lay on the sled and spin in circles!

After we to home from Logan Payton and I did finally celebrate Christmas together. He got to open all of his presents from me and Santa. He had so much and was so grateful and appreciative. He would say that he loved each gift with so much enthusiasm and happiness!! When we were all done he put on his first roller skates and picked up his snow shovel and went to work!!!! It was a great Christmas and I have the greatest little boy in the whole world . . . well I have the greatest family in the whole world! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!

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Stueller said...

WOW.. looks like you guys were way busy. The holidays are awesome!

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